Christopher J. Pace


Remote Linux Support

As a freelance Linux consultant, I provide remote Linux support for my clients. Since 2001 I have worked with Linux, and I understand crucial server applications such as MySQL, Apache, PostgreSQL, Tomcat, Jakarta, etc- the list goes on. For a better list of my skills, please refer to the Linux software support page. In addition, I also provide security consultations with my clients- telling them the best ways to secure their Linux server.

Ramblings of a Linux Administrator

If you need help on your Linux server, I am most likely the skilled expert that you are looking for. If by some rare situation I'm not the person you're looking for (for instance, I'm not a coder), I will more than likely be able to refer you to someone who will. So, why not just contact me and see what I can do for your server? For more information on the services that I offer, please visit me at