Christopher J. Pace


Linux Projects

Since around 2002 or 2003, I have worked within the Linux community on various projects. From Open Source Software (OSS) packages that I have written, to tutorials, this is a partial list of the more significant projects that I have worked on. Part of the beauty of Linux, and free software, is that developers can build on an existing code foundation

  • Pace-Check: Written in 2002, Pace-Check is a utility that searches through system logs and finds cases where someone has tried to gain access to your server (non-legit), then it saves them to a log, mails them to you, or sends them to stdout. It supports Apache, Pro-FTPD, and others.
  • Pace-IDS: Writen in 2002, Pace-IDS is an Intrusion Detection system designed to replace Tripwire, in that it is faster, and more effective of detecting trojan activity, and is easier to configure. All you have to do usually is simply change one variable to your email address within the Pace-IDS configuration file.
  • How to Improve Exim Performance on a High Volume Mail Server: This tutorial is one of my more popular tutorials, and it guides a System Administrator through the configuration of Exim for the most optimal performance on a high volume mail server.
  • Linux System Administration- a Guide to Services and Duties of Administration, From the Ground Up: This tutorial is my favorite tutorial that I wrote, and it took about 6 months to write. It is basically a small book, and it it's target audience is ideally Windows administrators who are migrating to a Linux environment.
  • Other Tutorials and Articles: This page contains links to all of the other tutorials and articles that I have written. This page is updated with new articles and tutorials as I write them.
  • Linux Videos: These videos are tutorials of how to use popular Open Source Software, and are updated fairly often (as I have time).